Above Ground Pool Brochures

A-Tex above ground pools are available in many round AND oval sizes.

Here are the above ground pool styles we carry.  There are many sizes of above ground pools and most are available in both round and oval dimensions. Our oval above ground pools do NOT have the 3 foot beams that stick out from each side, which you will find elsewhere. A-Tex oval above ground pools are made with a compact support system which is much more attractive, easier to mow and weed eat around, and allowing you to fit a larger pool in a tighter space.  Here is an example of one of our oval above ground pool models:

oval above ground pools with compact buttress system

15 X 30 Coco Bay II oval above ground pool – shown with compact buttress support system

When reviewing our above ground pool features you will notice that some of our pools come with top of the line upgraded features such as wide mouth through the wall skimmer, an aluminum alloy service panel,and injection molded resin bottom tracks to name a few.

For sizing and pricing information, please give us a call at 210-653-1566 or send us an email through the “Contact Us” link.  Or better yet, come visit our beautiful outdoor operating above ground pool display of 11 pools, and find the perfect A-Tex above ground pool for your family, today.



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