Above Ground Pool Brochures

A-Tex Above Ground Pool Brochures

The above ground pool brochures shown on this page reflect the models we carry. There are many sizes, and most are available in both round and oval dimensions. Please take time to review outlined features. We include a resin bottom system on nearly every pool we sell. Also featured are aluminum service panels and full aluminum walls. For sizes, pricing, and other information, please give us a call at 210-653-1566 or chat with us here through our text box.

This “no buttress” support system results in an oval pool that is much more attractive and streamlined, taking up less space.  Every A-Tex oval pool includes this feature.

Oval above ground pool Yardmore system vs traditional buttress bracing.

The compact “no buttress” support system ensures that your oval A-Tex above ground pool has a strong foundation and elegant appearance.

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